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04 May 2013 @ 01:58 pm
Once Upon a Time Stills - Second Star to the Right  
I posted some Lacey pictures/stills/art yesterday and now it's time for the stills I have for Sunday's episode. There were three different scenes with still released and I chose one set...you'll never guess why...to crop and color and make pretty. This scene is also one I would consider the least spoilery of the three. So light spoilers here! If you want the rest or want them BIGGER they are here in the once-storybrooke gallery.

We see Gold here putting on a show for Lacey. 'See? I'm EVIL!' And seeming to enjoy himself but then we see him alone after Lacey leaves and he has a confrontation with Bae. This NOT a man who is happy with the current situation. He is keeping his distance from Bae for fear of what he will do to Henry if he feels threatened. And he is playing up/allowing out his more evil side for Lacey but what he really wants is for Belle to come back. He needs her and feels lost without her. But if there is a man more practiced in putting on masks and adjusting his entire demeanor based on who he is with I have no idea who that would be. So no trouble playing the part - the question is whether Bae will be willing to forgive these latest transgressions.

However, can we just note how fucking HOT they are here. He is being the ultimate bad boy and she looks like she wants to rip his clothes off right there and then. *fans self*

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ustas_fish: Rumpel_wheeljust_ustas on May 4th, 2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
you know i absolutely love robert every way. he is one of the best actors i know. so i'm glad for his play even in bad scenary. but i can not believe in possibility of true love story with this moron prostitute, sorry. + emily de ravin is very very bad actress. and why she always makes faces?
and this bae - in which trash can he slept? only one plus - at last they made better makeup fo rumpel in ep 20. but waiting nothing good. ((